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A revolution in virtual production systems

A virtual production solution for rapidly creating virtual studios, augmented reality (AR) and Extended reality (XR), and Mixed reality (MR)

Specifically designed to connect with partner technologies, existing systems, and external data sources

Photo-realistic rendering and compositing in real-time using Unreal Engine

Design, create, and control: virtual sets, virtual environments, augmented content, particle systems, and simulated camera and lens properties

Built for on-air use with rapid design and deployment of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality content from a single user interface

The go-to solution for live virtual productions

Embraced by the biggest names in the industry, Pixotope is consistently relied on to create some of the most demanding live productions in the world.

Trusted by the giants of the broadcast, event, sports, and esports production worlds, Pixotope is the go-to solution for live Augmented Reality and virtual production. Why? Because creators and broadcasters know they can depend on Pixotope software to come up with the goods in high-stakes, live situations.


Pixotope enhances virtual production in Alter Ego

Pixotope facilitated virtual production on a project that pushed the boundaries of AR to a new limit. The ‘reality’ show, produced by Lulu, came with a twist - all the contestants were AR avatars.

VideoReport Canaria uses Pixotope for Virtual Production

VideoReport Canarias has expanded its virtual production offering by harnessing Pixotope® – the first time a Spanish local TV channel has adopted real-time augmented reality techniques.

Pixotope brings XR to CCTV’s Consumer Rights Day Gala

To create a visually stunning news experience, CCTV turned to Pixotope XR solution in order to promote flexibility and interactivity between the presenters and on-screen graphics.

Official logo of Pixotope Education Program for universities

Inspiring the next generation: the Pixotope Education Program

At Pixotope, we always have one eye on the future. And the future of virtual production solutions lies in the talent of the next generation: the young people at universities and other educational establishments.

That’s why we have developed the Pixotope Education Program: a partnership with educational institutions that offers access to cutting-edge production technologies, guiding students in the creation of virtual studios, augmented reality, and extended reality experiences.


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