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10 July 20244 min read

How DisruptAR and Red Thread Reimagined Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Discover Event with Pixotope

DisruptAR & Red Thread reimagined HPE's Discover event with virtual production ...
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08 July 20244 min read

How The Famous Group Brought a Tropical Escape to an NFL Game 

The Famous Group used Pixotope software for an NFL Mixed Reality commercial seen by over ...
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20 November 20236 min read

GETOP Choses Pixotope to Power Taiwan's First Extended Reality Broadcast Studio

Learn how Pixotope powers Taiwan's first XR broadcast studio at Formosa TV and helps ...
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05 April 2023< 1 min read

Pixotope Powers XR Production of Valve’s Dota 2 International

Discover how MYREZE and Valve used Pixotope XR edition to create an immersive viewing ...
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07 March 2023< 1 min read

Spanish TV La 7 unlocks the power of a virtual set with Pixotope

Find out how Spanish regional TV channel TV La 7 leveraged Pixotope software to create a ...
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11 March 20223 min read

VideoReport Canarias creates stunning live broadcast AR using Pixotope

Find out how Spanish TV channel VideoReport Canarias partnered with Pixotope to create ...
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01 March 20221 min read

Pixotope drives live XR Graphics on 50m LED Volume for CCTV’s Broadcast

Find out how China Central Television (CCTV) used Pixotope to run live XR graphics on a ...
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21 February 20224 min read

Bringing avatars to life: Pixotope enhances virtual production in Alter Ego

Pixotope facilitated virtual production on Alter Ego, the USA’s first-ever AR talent ...
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25 November 20214 min read

TF1 uses Pixotope AR solution for evocative live election coverage

Pixotope supported French broadcaster TF1 to deliver innovative live coverage of French ...
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18 October 20213 min read

Pixotope Is Fully Battle-tested at the Dota 2 International

Learn how Pixotope powered the virtual production of a 10-day-long immersive tournament, ...
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