Along with actively shaping future storytelling comes our strong desire to involve the next generation of media producers. The ever-growing demand for new technologies in media production results in equally high demand for new talent coming from universities and other educational establishments.

Inspiring the next generation of VP specialists

At Pixotope and around the industry, we recognize the need to actively engage the up-and-coming talent in higher education and inspire those who will be the future of this industry. 

The goal of the Pixotope Education Program is to give students access to the very best Virtual Production tools and the industry's leading experts to help guide their success. Our approach is to consult with educational institutions and help them add real value to their courses. 

Pixotope for Education

The Pixotope Education Program is an offer specifically designed for universities and other educational establishments. This program includes access to virtual production software tools that educational establishments require, including tools for creating virtual studios, augmented reality, and extended reality experiences. By putting these tools in the hands of students, they will be able to experiment and develop their skills with industry-standard technology.

Combined with the tools there is excellent support from Pixotope and several of our selected industry partners. 

The Pixotope Community

An essential part of the program will be the community. We aim to cultivate a supportive environment where students can exchange ideas, help each other, and inspire. In addition, we want to create competition, build a network, and connect with the industry and potential employers.

To learn more about Pixotope and our Education Program, please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly. 

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