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Graphics Documentation provides general and technical documentation, and video material presented as both standalone videos and embedded clips. We also provide detailed guides for scenarios such as setting up a greenscreen area, HDRI capture, data integration, and many more.

Tracking Documentation provides technical information as well as guides for using the tracking systems with all of its features. That includes video tutorials and default configurations. You can also download helpful tools and sample videos there.

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  • Example Projects
  • Pixotope Studio
  • Pixotope Mascot
  • Pixotope Exterior
  • Pixotope DMX
  • Pixotope Weather Data Integration

Example Projects

Hosted in the Pixotope Cloud and showcase a variety of different scenarios and use cases for Pixotope.

Pixotope Studio

Fully-featured virtual studio with video inputs, virtual monitors and camera moves, and a cool color shift. If you want to build a virtual studio, check this out to give you some ideas about how you can set one up!

Pixotope Mascot

Our beloved mascot character Dot. This project gives a good overview of how to set up and control an animated AR character. If you want to connect this up to a motion capture system, just let us know and we can help.

Pixotope Exterior

A lavish set constructed using photogrammetry, this set showcases photorealism and advanced weather effects for some immersive eye candy.

Pixotope DMX

We’re all about blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds. This example level contains 4x4 different types of light fixtures, all mapped, working, and patched to DMX universes.

Pixotope Weather Data Integration

This virtual environment demonstrates how to read data from an API by fetching weather data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and modifying the scene to match the weather conditions.

Your single point of contact

Support ticket portal

Just send us an email to for Graphics support and for Tracking support.

You can also log in via your Pixotope Cloud, select "support" to complete the online Ticket form, and our friendly and helpful staff will respond as soon as possible in accordance with the contract entitlement.

Pixotope Support Ticket Portal


Pixotope offers the following professional services built on our world-class expertise in virtual production.

Operations Onboarding

Operations Onboarding

  • Creative and operations training
  • Commissioning - Setting up your production environment and ensuring all the elements are properly integrated.
  • Onsite Technical/Creative Support.
  • Live Event Technical Consultation

These services can be delivered onsite or, as is increasingly common, remotely via screen-sharing software. We offer flexible rates and will work with you to customize these services to fit your needs. 

Please contact your sales contact for more information.



Lens Calibration

Lens Calibration

At Pixotope, we have a unique method of lens calibration for all our camera tracking systems. In contrast to other measurement methods offered on the market today, our approach is based exclusively on automated image processing process and not on the manual setting and experience of an operator. Our software automatically moves the lens through the entire zoom and focus range and records a three-dimensional calibration object. From this, our smart algorithms generate a lens file with all optical parameters. This can then be used by any of our camera tracking systems for real-time operation.

No matter which lens or camera, our Zoom Lens Calibration measures the individual optical parameters of your system with the highest precision. In addition to the field of view, many other parameters of your optical system are recorded, for instance, the exact position of the centre of the image, the displacement of the nodal point along the optical axis and the distortion coefficients.

By doing this, we create the best possible model of your optical system, which then optimally defines the model of the virtual camera of your render engine.

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