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The Level UK
The Level
Established in 2020 by founder and creative director Kevin Cooney, The LEVEL has worked with some of the biggest names in television sports broadcasting, including F1, FIFA, ITV and Disney, to deliver a truly immersive experience in real-time production. Blurring the lines between animation, virtual and live performances, The LEVEL are creators and innovators and proud to pioneer virtual production solutions and workflows for the broadcast industry. Based in Nottingham in the heart of the midlands, the team have over 20 years’ combined industry experience, which they are now using to take the business to the next level, delivering real-time virtual productions of all shapes and size across the broadcast, media and corporate sectors.
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SILVERDRAFT is a U.S.-based company that uses HPC architecture to address the significant computational and processing needs of high-end rendering, visual effects, and visualization in the digital age. Rather than focusing on core count or GHz, SILVERDRAFT focuses on the actual end user experience and performance requirements.
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FuseFX is an award-winning Visual Effects Studio providing visual effects services for television, feature films, commercials, and virtual productions. It was established in 2006 by Founder David Altenau and Co-Founders Tim Jacobsen and Jason Fotter, with its original location in Burbank, CA. Since its inception, FuseFX has pushed the boundaries of the visual effects landscape through its artistry and innovation, working on the most high-profile and sought-after entertainment projects in the industry. Our fusion of storytellers, artists, technologists, and world-builders come together to push absolutely stunning images to the screen.
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Husson University
Located in safe, rural Bangor, Maine, Husson University attracts students from over all over the world. This multi-ethnic, multi-national campus environment helps prepare students to work in the diverse, global economy of the future.
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University of Gloucestershire
The University of Gloucestershire has been offering high-quality education to students from all over the world for over 170 years.Located in the beautiful South West of England, the Roman city of Gloucester and the regency town of Cheltenham are surrounded by the picturesque Cotswold countryside, Gloucestershire has something for everyone from chic shopping to the great outdoors. With ideal locations giving easy access to the countryside, the university creates a great student experience in terms of balancing study with leisure.
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Fondazione Apulia Digital Maker
Apulia Digital Maker Foundation offers professional courses in the IT and High-tech sector through a training offer focused on the use of technological and digital innovation solutions in the field of Software Development, Cyber Security, 3d Animation and Modeling, VFX, Virtual Reality, and Marketing. The school network features the largest Green Screen Studio in Puglia available at the site in Foggia, which constitutes the exclusive laboratory where students carry out the training activities and are able to create virtual sets using motion tracking technologies through the use of Pixotope and Unreal Engine.
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