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Pixotope Graphics


The Future


Create spontaneous real-time virtual sets and live Augmented Reality broadcasts, with Pixotope.

The ultimate Virtual Production solution, Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition allows you to bring the visual impact of high-end feature films to your broadcast, even on a small budget.

Drive viewer engagement like never before. Capable of producing live content on the fly and seamlessly integrating with other technologies, Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition opens up a world of possibilities - the only limit is your imagination.

Try our Augmented Reality and Virtual Set solutions with a free demo of Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition.




Live Feedback Editor

See real-time updates and modifications as you fine-tune every aspect of your content, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty.

What you see on the screen is precisely what your audience will see, guaranteeing a seamless and captivating end result.








On-The-Fly Switching

Of Levels

With Pixotope, you can now enjoy dynamic storytelling like never before. Effortlessly transition between different levels and scenes in real-time, without interruptions or delays. 

Pixotope reduces downtime between shows by enabling instant switching between sets, allowing you to quickly change the look and feel of each show. 



Run Your Live Show With Customized Web-Based Control Panels

Our one-of-a-kind drag-and-drop control panel builder enables the user to create customized control panels for mobile and desktop devices through a user-friendly web browser on your local network. 

With Pixotope, you can control and trigger any aspect or parameter of the engine. No coding skills are necessary.

Our platform provides instant access to all engine elements within the Control Panel, enabling you to seamlessly drag and drop scene components, blueprints, properties, and functions into buttons, sliders, and more.

Easily arrange and configure controls for the smooth operation of your live show. 

Save Time

And Money

Time truly is money in the world of production. Our VS/AR Edition has one primary goal: to save you time. But what sets us apart is how easy it is, even for complete beginners.

Spend less time setting up, optimizing, and streamlining your workflow to achieve your results efficiently.

Whether you're making the leap from traditional broadcasting or diving headfirst into the exciting world of Unreal Engine-based Virtual Production, Pixotope is your shortcut to efficiency and success.



Pre-Made User-Friendly Adjustment Panels

Gone are the days of navigating complex nodes, blueprints, or engine settings. 

With us, everything you need is easy to access and control from our user interface.

Experience an unparalleled level of control, effortlessly fine-tune composite settings, master color grading, and apply captivating video effects: with just a few clicks. 






Pixotope's engine offers a range of features to enhance the visual effects of your project. These include:

Applying realistic lighting, shadows, reflections, and other effects.
Seamless integration with translucent objects like virtual glass (including refraction) and smoke.
Flawless incorporation of environmental elements like fog and water.
Smooth transitions between tracked and virtual cameras, leveraging the full animation toolset of Unreal Engine. 




No more struggling with complex node-based setups. With Pixotope, you can effortlessly control and manage all the technical aspects of your production: cameras, signals, renders, Chroma Keyer, and color correction - all through a single, intuitive interface.

And here's the cherry on top: this interface is now web-based. You have the flexibility to access it as a desktop application or directly from a web browser.





Flexible And Simple To Implement API

Experience the ultimate power and flexibility of our comprehensive API designed specifically for the Unreal Engine.

Our API seamlessly integrates and automates data, enabling you to optimize your projects effortlessly.

With remote access to every aspect of the engine, you have the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time.





All rendering and internal compositing are done inside Pixotope's customized render pipeline of the Unreal Engine.

We have optimized the render pipeline to allow for very efficient single-pass rendering that does not compromise the quality of the video. 





With Pixotope, you have the power to make instant tweaks and adjustments to your Unreal scene.

Say goodbye to the headaches of fixing typos and mistakes through the tedious process of baking or packaging the Unreal project.

We prioritize giving operators and designers the confidence they need. That's why Pixotope offers WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) – a one-of-a-kind in-software preview.

This preview includes incoming video feeds, tracking data, and compositing information, ensuring you get the most accurate representation of your production.




Goodbye, third-party tools – Pixotope puts creative control in your hands. Our robust color grading and image effects tools are seamlessly integrated into your video I/O pipeline, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

Make precise adjustments that align with your creative and artistic vision, all within the Pixotope environment.

No more jumping between software – achieve your final desired results directly from the Pixotope video output. Experience the freedom to enhance your visuals and bring your creative ideas to life effortlessly with Pixotope.

Color correction



Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and the ability to make last-minute tweaks and corrections effortlessly.

Our Pixotope Chroma Keyer is designed with your convenience in mind, offering full support for presets and recalls. This means you can load different configurations in no time, perfectly aligning with your evolving production needs.

To ensure absolute realism in your scene, Pixotope goes the extra mile by compositing the scene internally in Unreal. This advanced integration enables breathtaking real-time shadows, reflections, and captivating bloom effects that bring your production to life.


Pixotope_Director_2023-09-28 at 09.04.44



With Pixotope, you have the freedom to control your production in a variety of ways.

You can create multiple control panels to drive specific parts of your show or opt for a single, comprehensive panel that manages every aspect seamlessly. We also offer seamless integration with third-party devices like Streamdeck or XKeys, enabling you to trigger specific events effortlessly.

And for those seeking the highest level of customization, Pixotope provides access to its API, allowing you to craft your own control system tailored to your creative vision. 




We understand the frustration of manually copying files when making project modifications across multiple machines.

With our automatic synchronization tool, your multi-machine setup is always kept up to date seamlessly.

Simply complete your work, hit 'push,' and watch as all your changes are automatically pulled onto the other machines.

It's a game-changer for streamlined workflow efficiency.



Pixotope empowers users to harness the full potential of our system through our comprehensive API.

With Pixotope API, you have the freedom to create custom integrations tailored to your specific needs.

We prioritize your security, which is why all Pixotope API calls are encrypted, ensuring the highest level of data protection.




Take control of precision timing with our powerful timecode-triggering feature.

Seamlessly sync your workflow by utilizing an external LTC (Linear Timecode) or embedded timecode in the video.


Comparison VS/AR vs. XR

Chroma Key
Color Correction
XR Wall Holdouts
Automatic Color Matching
Graphics VS/AR
Graphics XR




What is Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition?

Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition comes with all the functionality required for Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality including comprehensive configuration and editing tools and a completely customizable control panel that makes it simple to drive virtual productions.

Why should you choose Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition?

The VS / AR Edition of Pixotope offers a highly accessible path to embracing virtual production. Combining all the tools you need for Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality.

To discuss your requirements, contact us today or book a demo

What are the main features of Pixotope Graphics VS/AR Edition?

Pixotope Graphics VS/AR is equipped with many advanced features, including:-
• Unique WYSIWYG live feedback editor.
• Single panel config and operations for multi-camera/render productions, with auto-discovery.
• On the fly configuration.
• On the fly switching of levels.
• Premade and easy to use adjustment panels for all objects in level, color correction, and image effects