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Blog Post by Pixotope

21 June 20245 min read

Bringing Election Coverage to Life with Pixotope

Pixotope revolutionizes election broadcasting with AR and drone tracking, making data ...
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13 June 20246 min read

Pixotope Releases New Powerful Features in 24.1.0

Pixotope's major release, version 24.1.0, is here! Dive into powerful new features that ...
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31 January 20243 min read

Pixotope 23.4.0: Explore the Latest in Virtual Production Innovation

Explore Pixotope latest release, featuring advanced technology and future-proofed systems ...
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29 November 20235 min read

Partner Spotlight: The Future of Virtual Production is Bright with Unilumin

Unilumin and Pixotope partner to revolutionize virtual production with immersive LED ...
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26 October 20234 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Jakob Schindegger

Jakob, Head of Product Design at Pixotope, shares his passion for design, his journey to ...
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24 October 20234 min read

Pixotope 23.3.0: Virtual Production Gets a Major Upgrade

Pixotope 23.3, virtual production software with Unreal 5.3 support and workflow ...
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17 August 20232 min read

Streamline your Multi-Machine Workflows with Pixotope Asset Hub

Introducing Pixotope Asset Hub, a powerful system that automates file synchronization in ...
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15 August 20232 min read

Pixotope Strengthens Global Operations with Key Appointments

Pixotope strengthens global presence with senior hires to meet growing demand for virtual ...
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03 August 20233 min read

Why Higher Ed Institutions Should Offer Virtual Production Programs

Higher ed institutions have the opportunity to close the talent gap and offer ...
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20 July 20235 min read

Plan Shoot Deliver Pioneers The Virtual Production Revolution

Meet Plan Shoot Deliver, Pixotope partner and a leading virtual production company based ...
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