Documentation Help Center


Documentation is hosted at and provides general and technical documentation, and video material presented as both standalone videos and embedded clips. We also provide detailed guides for scenarios such as setting up a greenscreen area, HDRI capture, data integration, and many more.

Example projects are hosted in the Pixotope Cloud and showcase a variety of different scenarios and use cases for Pixotope. These include:

  • Pixotope Studio - a fully-featured virtual studio with video inputs, virtual monitors and camera moves, and a cool color shift. If you want to build a virtual studio, check this out to give you some ideas about how you can set one up!

  • Pixotope Mascot - Our beloved mascot character Dot. This project gives a good overview of how to set up and control an animated AR character. If you want to connect this up to a motion capture system, just let us know and we can help.

  • Pixotope Exterior - a lavish set constructed using photogrammetry, this set showcases photorealism and advanced weather effects for some immersive eye candy.

  • Pixotope DMX - We’re all about blurring the lines between real and virtual worlds. This example level contains 4x4 different types of light fixtures, all mapped, working, and patched to DMX universes.

  • Pixotope Weather Data Integration - This virtual environment demonstrates how to read data from an API by fetching weather data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and modifying the scene to match the weather conditions.

You can read more about the example content here.