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Pixotope08 November 20232 min read

Pixotope Celebrates Success at 2023 Rise Awards

Pixotope, a leading provider of virtual production solutions for the broadcast and media industries, had a night to remember at the 2023 Rise Awards, taking home two prestigious honors. The company was awarded the Influencer Award for its Education Program Manager, Carina Schoo, and the Company Award for Investment in Women.

Rise, an award-winning advocacy group dedicated to empowering women in the industry, hosted the event, recognizing stand-out performers, innovators, and leaders who continue to shape the landscape of broadcast media technology. For the fifth consecutive year, the Rise Awards have been honoring exceptional women and companies for their outstanding contributions to the global broadcast media technology sector. 

The first feather in Pixotope's cap was the Influencer Award presented to Carina Schoo, the Education Program Manager at Pixotope. Carina, a trailblazer in her own right, received the award for her significant impact in the industry. The Influencer Award celebrates individuals who have made a significant impact by creating influence, fostering communities, and possessing a distinctive voice in the field. Carina's tireless dedication to inspiring the next generation to enter the industry and her substantial contributions that promise long-term impacts impressed the judges, making her a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor.

Influencer Award-1

Pixotope's comitment to diversity and inclusion was also recognized with the Company Award for Investment in Women. This award celebrates organizations that have demonstrated a notable commitment to recruiting and retaining their female workforce. Criteria for this award include ensuring equal pay, giving a voice to female talent, offering flexible working practices, and maintaining a zero-tolerance attitude towards sexism in the workplace.


Pixotope is dedicated to fostering a fair and respectful work environment through its flat hierarchy, where everyone is valued and heard, resonating with the judges. The company's commitment to developing talent and providing opportunities for exploration across various roles within the organization showcased its unwavering support for gender equality in the workplace.

The achievements were celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by the team. "In 2023, 25% of the IT workforce was female, compared to just 15% in broadcast. This is an issue we take seriously at Pixotope and we're committed to driving change. We are not just breaking the glass ceiling; we're redesigning the entire building”, said Jana Amirali, Digital Marketing Manager for Pixotope who accepted the Company award on behalf of the whole team. 

These awards not only acknowledge the company's dedication to excellence but also underscore its commitment to diversity, equality, and the empowerment of women in the broadcast media technology sector.

As Pixotope continues to push boundaries and set new standards, these awards serve as a testament to the company's ongoing success and impact in the industry.