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New NHL studio utilizing Pixotope software
Pixotope27 June 20241 min read

Pixotope delivers updated real-time studio for NHL on TNT for season playoffs

Pixotope was approached last year by Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) to upgrade the XR solution for their multi-technology set in Atlanta used for NHL on TNT.  

First debuted in October 2021, the set uses a mixture of LED walls and projection mapping, alongside traditional physical sets to provide almost 360 degrees of wrap-around staging.

WBD wanted to move away from their expensive-to-operate solution to a more cost-effective one that Pixotope were able to implement and the studio team could manage and operate with their resources and people.

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Working closely with the WBD team in Atlanta, Pixotope swapped out the incumbent hardware with Silverdraft servers and configured our hybrid XR and Projection solution. The engineering team at Pixotope developed a new internal feature in Pixotope to work with Vioso projection mapping and calibration.

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This new integration was conceived, created, tested and delivered in time for the 2023/24 NHL Playoffs, a massive challenge at such critical time for the creative and technical teams in Atlanta.

The newly delivered system will allow for full expansion of their real-time virtual production environment alongside AR graphics. 

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Pixotope provides a fully flexible cloud based licensing system controlled by the WBD team themselves, they’re able to use their licenses across other content and studios when NHL is off season providing significant cost savings.

Upgraded NHL studio using Pixotope software

Pixotope are excited to see how the team in Atlanta will now push forward and use our technology to deliver the upcoming NHL season.