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Dot 09 December 2022 2 min read

University of Gloucestershire Joins the Pixotope Education Program

The School of Creative Industries will work in partnership with Pixotope to connect students with the tools and expertise they need to be successful in a rapidly evolving field 

Pixotope, the leading software platform for end-to-end real-time virtual production solutions, is thrilled to announce that the University of Gloucestershire’s School of Creative Industries has officially joined the Pixotope Education Program, the company’s educational and community-building initiative designed to help enable the next generation of Virtual Production talent.  

University of Gloucestershire is an incredible partner for the Pixotope Education Program. Our relationship is founded on open communication about the needs of today's virtual production students and how we can work together to meet those needs,” says Pixotope Education Program Manager, Carina Schoo.

Based out of the University’s Cheltenham, U.K. campus, the school’s state-of-the-art Media Centre features the same facilities used by media production professionals around the world. The bi-directional relationship between the School of Creative Industries and Pixotope ensures that students get hands-on experience with the technology and workflows they need to be successful in their careers in virtual production. 

Faced with rapidly evolving technology and production techniques, the School of Creative Industries at the University of Gloucestershire needed to ensure that its courses remained ahead of the curve in terms of technological innovation. The Pixotope Education Program delivers this by providing direct access to the tools and industry experts powering virtual production today. 

"Our partnership with Pixotope is part of a major investment in our virtual production facilities,” says Dr. Tom Bradshaw, Employer Engagement & Employability Lead, University of Gloucestershire School of Creative Industries. "Working with industry is something we do every day to ensure that our curricula are up to date, that our students have the latest industry insights, and that industry in turn has access to our bright and creative students.” 

The success, impact, and enrichment of the program are owed to the participation of world-class educational institutions as well as esteemed industry partners, like the leading U.K.-based virtual production studio, The Level

Kevin Cooney, Founder at The Level says, “The Pixotope Education Program is an exciting initiative because we can tap our network to help fill in the gaps and prepare students for their careers. There’s so much learning happening every day in virtual production; we’re still fleshing out job titles and roles across the industry so I can only imagine how challenging it must be for educators to keep pace.” 

Looking ahead, the University of Gloucestershire plans to work with Pixotope to develop a Masters's program as another pathway to building the virtual production talent pipeline. 

Bradshaw concludes, "The jobs market in the creative industries does not stand still, and nor do we. Through our education partnership with Pixotope, we are preparing our students to be in the best possible position for securing the best graduate jobs of the future.” 


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