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Imagine a football player seamlessly materializing in a TV studio, reacting to camera movements and engaging viewers. 

That's not magic, it's the cutting-edge technology behind 3D Living Photos.

This broadcast-quality, real-time solution transforms your 2D video into an immersive 3D experience, fooling your eyes with dynamic assets that react and follow camera movements.

Explore your creation from different angles in real-time, then seamlessly integrate it into your AR, XR, or virtual studio workflows in minutes - no complex 3D modeling required. 





Ultimate realism



Pixotope 3D Living Photo brings unmatched realism to your virtual studios and augmented reality integrations, transforming traditional 2D photos of athletes or performers seamlessly into lifelike 3D models.

Ideal for virtual/green screen studios and augmented reality elements in real studios, this technology allows audiences to enjoy a comprehensive 360º view of subjects, delivering an immersive viewing experience like never before.


Dynamic Camera Interaction


Experience the magic as 3D characters follow the camera's movements, directly connecting with viewers for an immersive experience.

It feels as though the subject is making eye contact, making everything feel more engaging. 





Unlike 2D images, 3D Living Photos capture depth and dimension, making you feel like you're truly there. Forget about clunky 3D scans with their artificial look.  While they offer detail, they lack the natural emotions and dynamism of 3D Living Photos.

Imagine capturing an athlete in motion, every flicker of emotion and movement detail preserved, as opposed to a static, "dead-eyed" scan.

The best part? 3D Living Photos require minimal equipment and can be created in minutes: simply load your footage, and within minutes, you'll have a stunning 3D experience ready to go.







Pixotope 3D Living Photo technology offers a cost-efficient alternative to both traditional 2D photoshoots and costly 3D capture rigs.

While 2D photos may require expensive post-production for depth effects, and 3D scans demand high-end equipment, Pixotope utilizes existing equipment to produce dynamic, immersive 3D content affordably.

This streamlined approach reduces costs and simplifies content creation, merging the realism of 3D with the practicality and affordability absent in conventional 2D and 3D methods.

Deliver superior, engaging experiences, bringing realism to life without breaking the bank.


efficiency and accessibility


Pixotope's 3D Living Photo technology revolutionizes content creation, seamlessly blending efficiency with unmatched realism. Unlike traditional methods that rely on extensive 2D photoshoots and the intricacies of 3D scanning, our innovative approach empowers you to utilize your own equipment, capturing the vibrancy of live action in any setting—directly from the heart of events like the Super Bowl.

This agility drastically reduces content production times, making it perfect for live events like sports broadcasting.

The technology enables immediate scanning of players or performers, such as capturing athletes fresh off the pitch at halftime, for use in dynamic second-half commentary in just seven minutes.

This not only simplifies the production workflow but also elevates content with a level of realism and engagement previously unattainable, all while maintaining a streamlined process that enhances both efficiency and accessibility.



3D Living Photo


This revolutionary software transforms raw video footage of subjects on a green-screen turntable into captivating 360º experiences.

During the capture process, subjects are guided to maintain eye contact with the camera, ensuring an immersive and lifelike end result.

Our efficient green screen keying technology seamlessly removes the background, extracting the subject in each frame with precision.

The magic continues with our advanced Light Field Generation, dynamically creating files that bring depth and realism to your 3D Living Photos.

Pixotope demo of 3d living photo

3D Living Photo




Why settle for artificial avatars or flat-looking 2D photos when you can have a natural, realistic and lifelike representation of your athletes, political candidates or celebrities? 

Connect with a Pixotope expert today for a live demo of 3D Living Photos.

Explore how you can leverage the power of photorealism in your broadcasting and elevate viewer engagement to new heights.