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The use of LED volumes for extended reality (XR) and in-camera VFX (ICVFX) is becoming increasingly common in TV/film production, broadcasting, esports, and corporate communications.
The Pixotope XR Edition empowers content creators to deliver XR productions in a faster, more flexible, and more sustainable way without breaking the bank.
With Pixotope you get an all-in-one real-time Virtual Production tool that’s simple to operate yet gives you complete control, along with a wide variety of camera and talent tracking options – including GhosTrack for use with Ghostframe-enabled LED walls.
Whether you need XR, AR, virtual sets, or Mixed Reality, Pixotope can handle it all!
Come to experience XR “the Pixotope way” and see how you can transform your productions into truly inspiring and unforgettable experiences.


June 28 - 29

First Session: 10 AM - 1 PM

Second Session: 4 PM - 7 PM 



Vossler Studios 

11730 118th Ave NE Suite 200




Free of charge.

     After each session, there will be time for refreshments, Q&As, and networking.



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Fremont Studios
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We are a skilled group of passionate filmmakers + creatives who also love technology. Our team uses LED Volumes daily and this experience allows us a unique perspective when helping our clients build their studios. We are hardware agnostic…meaning we won’t put you in a box and try to sell you a hardware solution that doesn’t fit your workflow, shooting style, etc. Our goal is to tailor the perfect system for you and your budget.
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Vossler Studios
Vossler Media Group is a full-service production company and creative agency fiercely focused on visual and audio content. Our team collaborates with brands and agencies to solve creative problems and shepherd their vision through every step of the production pipeline. We've erased the boundary between creative and execution. This allows us to create experiential content that resonates with audiences on a visual, emotional and human level by combining technical excellence with creative vision. Vossler Media Group's office is in Seattle and produces award-winning visual and audio content for the advertising, film, television, gaming, and music industries.
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Silverdraft builds high performance rendering and processing systems for professional applications. We design and build the hardware to optimize everything for the complete workflow for performance. Our systems are denser, cooler, more efficient, and of course faster. Our expertise in real time pipelines makes us the best partner for demanding productions.
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Fremont Studios
Fremont Studios
FREMONT PRODUCTION STUDIOS is a world-class, full-service, audience-rated cinematic soundstage and event facility located on the historic Lake Union ship canal about three miles from the Space Needle and major downtown hotels. With a 50,000 sqft design, 3,000-person capacity, and full commercial production and live broadcasting capabilities, Fremont Studios is unlike any other facility in the country.
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Jensen Jibs
Seattle-based Jensen Jibs is the ultimate destination for jibs and camera cranes. With the city's only Technojib and an impressive fleet of seven Jimmy Jibs, Jensen Jibs caters to the broadcast, commercial, and entertainment industries. Providing top-notch equipment, professional monitoring, and lens controls, the company has earned the trust of esteemed clients like Netflix, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports.
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Kino Flo
Kino Flo is a manufacturer of professional LED-based lighting equipment for cinema and television and production. Located in Burbank, California, Kino Flo is best known for developing proprietary LEDs based on a color science technology that ensures color quality for lighting in both close-ups and large studio spaces. In 1995 Kino Flo earned a technical achievement award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for developing cool, tube-based arrays with color-correct tungsten and daylight-balanced light that "changed the way motion picture movies are made," according to the academy.
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Embrace New Possibilities

We will deep dive into what is Extended Reality (XR), its use cases, and its benefits compared to traditional production

Achieve Feature Film Quality

We will walk you through what the future of live XR, AR, and Mixed Reality production looks like

Drive Viewer Engagement

We will explain why virtual production is a cost-effective and time-saving way to add value to your live media production

Elevate your storytelling

We will show how Pixotope Graphics and Tracking solutions can enhance your broadcasting,  live events, sports, e-sports, commercials, VFX, and episodic content


Pixotope XR features


Combining cutting-edge technology with an unwavering focus on creative storytelling, Vossler Studios is revolutionizing the production industry.

Based in Seattle, this award-winning agency has unveiled a new virtual studio that seamlessly integrates innovative technology with emotive storytelling, taking audiences on a journey that captivates and inspires.

From advertising and film to television, gaming, and music, Vossler Studios is the go-to choice for brands and agencies seeking to bring their creative vision to life.


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