Pixotope Technologies is an international award-winning software company dedicated to developing the next generation of visual storytelling tools and experiences.

Pixotope is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has team members in 15 countries across the globe including Croatia, Spain, UK, and the USA.

History of Pixotope & The Future Group

Established in 2013, The Future Group got started by breaking new ground reimagining what broadcast content could be in the future.  In 2017, The Future Group premiered the world’s first Interactive Mixed Reality game show, Lost In Time, on Discovery Networks’ TV Norway.  

For Lost In Time, The Future Group invented a unique studio graphics software, mobile front, and backend technology and established a world-class service department for mixed reality production.

The Pixotope® software, built on the knowledge developed for Lost In Time, was released in February 2019. With the significant uptake in mixed reality and virtual production, Pixotope® software was adopted by the worlds most prestigious productions. In 2021 the company changed it's name to Pixotope Technologies to reflect the increased focus on developing the technology behind those productions.

About Pixotope®

Pixotope® is the world’s leading Mixed Reality solution for live media production. Leveraging the full power of the Unreal (UE4) render engine, Pixotope® empowers content creators and broadcasters to produce best in class Mixed Reality content for television, online streaming, and film.

Mixed Reality for media production enables content owners, creators, and distributors to tell stories in new and exciting ways, catching the attention of an increasingly fragmented audience.

The Pixotope Technologies Customer Success department is trusted by global industry leaders and has been instrumental in supporting some of the world’s most ambitious AR/MR/VR productions to date such as Superbowl, League of Legends Championship broadcasts, Euro-vision, and The Weather Channels mixed reality experiences.

Company Structure

Pixotope Technologies’ majority shareholder, Eltek Holding, is a private investment company, based in Oslo, Norway.
The power supply company Eltek was established in 1973 by Alain Angelil, and Eltek ASA was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1998. This is also when Eltek Holding was established, as the holding company for Eltek ASA, controlled by the Angelil family.
Starting in the early 1990s, Eltek Holding has acquired several businesses within telecom, surveillance, software, retail, and property development in Norway and abroad, and today its portfolio of companies includes; Dynea, Enetek, Heimgard Technologies (A merger of Home Control, Jensen & Ping), Pixii, Pixotope Technologies AS and CBK.