Extended Reality (xR) brings your event to life

XR offers revolutionary experiences that can drastically change the landscape of events, empowering production teams to seamlessly import Augmented and Mixed reality in a virtual studio environment. 

Pixotope combines camera tracking and real-time rendering to create an immersive virtual experience. Using high-resolution LED screens or projection surfaces in the space,  allows on-screen talent to be immersed in a virtual environment.

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Creating rich virtual environments

With Pixotope, virtual environments are visualized live on set and shot directly in-camera, combining camera tracking with real-time rendering and ray tracing to produce photo-realistic graphics and content.

Pixotope creates a virtual studio by using the full potential of the Unreal Engine to create complex and dramatic 3D graphics and full-scaled virtual environments. It can be applied to all types of programming and provides infinite possibilities in terms of visual aesthetics and camera configuration.

Live events production can be easy as 1-2-3

  • Flexible video processing pipeline that is pluggable to integrated features such as chroma-keying, denoising, computer vision, and talent tracking
  • Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality can be seamlessly switched within the same environment
  • Support for broadcast industry-standard video formats such as UHD/4K
  • Full performance of the Unreal Engine for the highest visual fidelity possible
  • Easily implemented ray tracing and visual effects in real-time 
  • On the fly configuration
  • Integrate workflows quickly and easily
  • Easy migration from existing projects to Pixotope thanks to native UE integration
  • Integrates easily with any tracking system and video format regardless of platform
  • A stable, proven platform used by the world's largest broadcasting events
  • A single-user interface for creating extremely complex graphics and VFX 
  • Control panels can be easily created to drive complex graphics and logic for operators
  • Animation and 3D character tools for broadcast