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Dot 08 June 2023 2 min read

XR Files: How to Navigate Camera Switching in XR Production

In traditional XR productions, switching cameras has historically been a complex and expensive process. It involved external switchers and often introduced delays, creating a big challenge for content creators.  That is why we have introduced a camera input-switching feature that sweeps away the barriers, making the process smoother and simpler than ever before.

Multi-camera switching without delays


With Pixotope, switching between multiple cameras is now seamless and synchronous, all within the software itself. There are no additional delays or noticeable cuts in the camera feed, ensuring a smooth transition between camera perspectives.
This feature is particularly valuable in XR productions, especially when virtual scenes are projected onto LED walls. The cameras play a crucial role in capturing the virtual scene and generating camera visual effects for multi-camera productions. To achieve a realistic perspective and parallax effect, only the active camera's perspective of the virtual scene is projected onto the wall. This ensures a visually stunning and immersive experience for the audience, enhancing the overall quality of the production. 



Beyond LED Walls and Set Extensions


But our camera input switching feature goes beyond just rendering scenes for LED walls. It can also be used for synchronous switching with set extensions through Pixotope multi-machine setup. This means the same feature can be applied to switch video and tracking camera inputs simultaneously. The entire process is controllable and operable through the Pixotope user interface (UI) and APIs.

Pixotope offers flexible control options for camera input switching. Users can choose to perform switching directly in Pixotope Director by selecting the active camera group or creating a customized control panel. The API calls associated with widgets like buttons, tabs, or toggles enable seamless integration of third-party control panels, GPI controllers, or other devices. This feature is especially useful in multi-camera XR workflows, providing enhanced control and versatility.


HubSpot Video


Achieve Seamless Switch Between Multiple Cameras 


The Pixotope camera input switching feature is not only beneficial for XR productions but also for multi-camera virtual studio setups. In scenarios where multiple track cameras utilize the same rendering engine, Pixotope simplifies the process of switching camera inputs, reducing costs and streamlining workflows. Content creators can efficiently switch between camera perspectives, capturing immersive experiences and dynamic visuals effortlessly.

Whether in XR or virtual studio productions, Pixotope camera input switching unlocks a new level of creativity and elevates the overall quality of videos. Embrace this innovative tool and embark on a journey of boundless possibilities in your video production endeavors. 

So, if you want to take your XR production to the next level and learn more about the exciting features of Pixotope, get in touch with our team.