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Dot 06 June 2023 4 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Lisa Müller

Meet Lisa, our Channel Marketing Manager, whose passion for personal interactions shines through as she numerous trade fairs and events she organizes on a day-to-day basis. As she says, her workday begins with a strong cup of coffee and immersing herself in emails, followed by strategic collaborations with our partners. It's a role that never gets boring. What convinced Lisa to join Pixotope, and what does she enjoy most about her dual role?


Can you tell us a bit about your background leading to Pixotope? Where did you work previously, in which area, and how did you hear about Pixotope?


My career path might seem a bit unconventional. It all began with an apprenticeship as a designer and women's tailor, which I have never regretted to this day. However, it became clear to me that it was not a profession for the future.

After many detours and phases of finding out what I actually want and what I am capable of, I joined Arvato Systems in 2017. There, I discovered my passion for broadcast and virtual production. As fate would have it, someone appeared in my life who drew my attention to a position at Pixotope. The opportunity was incredibly interesting and offered me the chance to further develop my skills.

And so, my journey with Pixotope began.


Lisa moderating a panel discussion about virtual production at the latest MPTS show in London

Lisa recently had a chance to moderate a panel discussion about virtual production at the Media & Technology show in London


You have been working at Pixotope for less than a year. What inspired you to give a chance to such a drastically different industry and what makes it a fascinating field to work in?


One of the main reasons for my decision was the inspiration and vision that I received during various conversations with our Pixotope colleagues. Nevertheless, the virtual production industry is incredibly exciting, and there is something new to discover every day.


Profile photo of Lisa Muller, Pixotope Channel Marketing Manager


What does your average work day in Pixotope look like? Is there any part of your role that you particularly enjoy?


My workday begins each morning with a large cup of coffee and checking my email. Since my job involves a lot of reporting, I always look for what's new from the previous day and then try to develop strategies and ideas with all concerned parties to achieve our goals and guarantee our partners the best possible support. I'm very fortunate to work with so many different people every day, as I wouldn't enjoy working all by myself. I particularly enjoy being in personal contact with our customers and partners at trade fairs and events, as it gives me a better understanding of their needs and what motivates them.


Pixotope team at the Prolight and Sound show


Can you share with us the most challenging experience you've faced so far in your role, and how did you handle it?


I had never been given so much responsibility and freedom to do my job before, so I had to come to terms with that. However, thanks to open and transparent communication, I still have the opportunity to grow beyond myself every day and acquire new knowledge and skills.


Channel Marketing Manager Lisa Muller at the MPTS show in London


Recently, you have been made an EMEA lead for field marketing: what do the new responsibilities look like for you and how does it impact your current role?


Expanding my role in the company has allowed me to become even more visible and tangible to our partners and colleagues. My activities, which previously tended to be in the background, have now moved to the forefront. This is particularly noticeable through the planning, organization, and implementation of events with and around our partners."


What do you enjoy the most about working for Pixotope? 


I have to say, I love traveling around the world with all of our colleagues. We can laugh and have fun together, but we also know exactly when to get serious again. I am also blessed with a team that is much more than just my work environment.


Inside our company, you are known as a huge lover of the Cologne carnival: how did you get into such a closed community and what other activities are you enjoying in your spare time?


That's a really good question. I would say that I was so tired of life over 6 years ago that I actively applied to join the Red Sparks as a supporter and helper. We had just moved to Cologne, and I wanted to settle in and socialize, and what better place to do that than the Cologne Carnival?



Now, I am an integral part of the Rote Funken (Red Sparks), the oldest traditional corps in the Cologne carnival, and have the honor of leading the FunkeFründe fan club project on a voluntary basis.

In my free time, I love to cook and bake, preferably in a large group with friends, and then play board games with a few glasses of wine and have a good time. Another great passion of mine is traveling and getting to know the world and different cultures, even if my fiancé thinks that the historical monuments were only put there for tourists, as I dragged him through quite a few architectural buildings for the thousandth time. And, of course, sports and music should not be missing from all of this. Music was my first love and will be my last.