Since the ancient Greeks held the first Olympic Games, nothing has captivated live audiences quite like sporting events. Live sports broadcasting has brought major sporting events into millions of homes all over the world. Even now, sports continues to be one of the few things that can bring and hold a live audience together. (2)

Augmented Reality: the perfect tool for fan engagement

Augmented and mixed reality has revolutionized the sports industry by providing engaging, interactive content for home viewers as well as jaw-dropping experiences for in-stadium fans. The use of photo-realistic 3D graphics, VFX, and virtual studios has taken sports entertainment to new heights. 

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No Limits to Creativity

Pixotope allows fans to get even closer to their beloved sports heroes by harnessing the power of the Unreal Engine to create a truly unique sporting experience. With the ability to seamlessly switch from Virtual Studios to Augmented Reality within the same environment, the opportunities are limitless to create gripping content and keep sports fans on the edge of their seat. 

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Enhanced sporting experience

Combining camera tracking, motion capture, and data-driven graphics into a single Augmented Reality solution, Pixotope is developed for on-air use with rapid design and deployment of virtual, augmented, or mixed reality content from a single user interface. The easy-to-use Pixotope dashboard, along with fast and easy workflow integration, allows sports broadcasters to effortlessly provide in-depth analysis of the big game in real-time, while the Automatic Render API makes the Unreal Engine accessible remotely and allows for data integration and automation.


The Number One Reason You Should Choose Pixotope

  • Unique WYSIWYG live feedback editing
  • Multi-camera support
  • On the fly configuration
  • Easily implemented visual effects, including ray tracing
  • Integrates seamlessly with any tracking system and video format regardless of platform
  • Quickly and easily integrate workflows
  • Real-time compositing and photo-realistic rendering
  • Seamless migration of existing projects to Pixotope through the native Unreal Engine integration
  • Maximum performance of the Unreal Engine for cinematic quality graphics
  • VFX and live 3D graphics from a single user interface
  • Automatic generation of virtual studios using Studio Creator
  • Stable, proven platform used in the largest sports broadcasting events around the world