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Dot 11 May 2023 5 min read

New Release 23.1.0

We're excited to announce the latest version of our virtual production software, which includes several improvements that will make your workflow more efficient and leave you more time to be creative.


XR: Align your LED volumes automagically

Aligning your virtual world with your LED volumes can be quite hard. Especially when using more complex setups. Getting it right is essential, especially when using virtual set extensions.
Together with Pixotope Tracking, aligning the real with the virtual world and creating a digital twin becomes a breeze.


Color Matching made even easier

Our automatic color matching of set extension and LED volume already proved to be a game changer when it comes to the quality of the results. Based on the feedback from our customers, we have now improved the process itself, made the switching of profiles easier, and even added the ability to compare profiles using chromaticity diagrams.

Perfected temporal alignment for virtual set extension

Spatial alignment only gets you halfway. To have seamless results, for any camera movement, the LED volumes and their virtual set extension also need to be temporally aligned. We have developed some unique new features to perfect the match and ensure perfect temporal alignment.

Improved multi-machine syncing documentation

When working on multi-machine setups, such as large XR productions, Pixotope ensures that tracking and videoI/O are 100% synchronized between machines. But, we also have to make sure that all the content at an Unreal level, such as particles, video files, materials, animations, and physics simulations, plays back in perfect sync. We have now added much better documentation and workflows to help you prepare your content for perfectly synced multi-machine productions.

Full XR support for BMD cards

With this version, we now also have full support for the usage of Black Magic Design video cards for synced rendering across machines.

Included an XR showcase level

Want to do XR testing, looking for the perfect showcase level? We've got you covered. The newly added XR sample level takes you on a journey up north and lets you walk the winter wonderland. You even get weather-controlling superpowers. How cool is that!


Sync your project between machines

Pixotope is known for allowing you to make last-minute changes. To distribute the changes to all render machines, we have now integrated our Asset Hub to easily push your changes and automatically sync them to the other machines.
And in case you just want to control other machines without the need to have the project locally. Now you can view and launch the levels and control panels of any connected machine.

Speed up your routing

When setting up routing in Director, you recreate the physical routing. To speed up this process and allow for more options, we have merged the videoIO and routing panel and adjusted the look. Input and output routing is now set up per machine. A single camera system can now be routed to multiple machines while using the individual tracking service of the routed machine. And yes, native input and output of SRT video are now fully supported.

Stability, Stability, Stability

We know how important it is to trust your tools. That is why we have stress tested our services, also in larger setups, and doubled down on making them even more reliable. Amongst others, the Director, Datahub, VideoIO, and the License services have received a lot of love and polish.

Unreal version 5.1.1

The Pixotope Engine/Editor now runs on the latest Unreal Engine version 5.1.1. With Pixotope 23.1, we are deprecating the support for Unreal Engine 4. New Pixotope versions will only be available with Unreal Engine 5.x.
In Unreal Engine 5.1 you find exciting new updates to our favorite render engine, including (but not limited to):

Trigger actions in a sequence

With our new playlist widget, you can trigger your actions sequentially, either manually or automatically. And by using widget actions you can even control one playlist from another one.


More control panel features

We added an iframe widget allowing you to embed websites or other control panels. For keyboard people, we have added support for using shortcuts to trigger anything you like. And because triggering is fun, we have even added support for triggering other widgets. So go meta if you want.
Did you ever run out of space when adding widgets? With our control panel regions, you now have 9x the screen space you had before. And with support for creating modal dialogs, you can enhance your control panel experience even more. 

And as always, we did not stop there. 

Talent tracking

The possibilities you have when you track your talent are extensive. You can allow your talent to interact with their virtual surroundings, it does not matter if it is AR, XR, or VS. However it becomes even more useful when used in VS setups, where it gives the talents freedom to move around while still rendering correct (contact) shadows and reflections.
The update of Body Pose Estimation now also allows the usage of zoom lenses. And with added support for Pixotope TalenTrack you can track multiple talents, keeping them identified even when they closely cross each other.

3D living photo render plugin

3D living photo, a technology where a 360º camera recording of talent is turned into a photo-realistic 360º tracked video, is now supported inside the Pixotope Engine.

Pixotope Pocket

Pixotope Pocket turns your mobile phone into a camera and tracking source providing yet another solution to make virtual production accessible to all. Just launch the app, configure your IP, and start shooting. Your production camera and tracking device are literally in your pocket.
Currently available for iPhone. For access, please contact customer support.