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LED wall at the XR production of Dota 2 International
Pixotope27 April 20231 min read

How to achieve perfect alignment between LED wall and the AR extension

The use of LED walls in extended reality (XR) productions has revolutionized the entertainment industry, but did you know that this technology has been used in some of the most iconic films and TV shows of recent years? 

A perfect example is the Mandalorian created a lot of hype around XR productions by introducing large LED volumes in filmmaking. But with the use of LED walls comes the challenge of aligning them with extended augmented reality (AR) sets. 

Traditionally, content creators would have to spend countless hours using third-party LIDAR scans or CAD files to generate a 3D model of the LED walls for the alignment process, which was one of the trickiest problems in XR productions. However, not anymore. 

See yourself in this video below.



Save Time with Pixotope Automatic LED Wall Alignment Feature

Our new automatic alignment feature for LED walls in Pixotope Graphics XR Edition, massively simplifies common techniques such as set extension while also ensuring high image fidelity.

The tracking system analyzes a pattern on the LED panels to generate the digital twin data, which is then transported from the tracking system to the Pixotope store. A digital twin XR actor is added to the level using the digital twin data and point cloud.

In calibrate mode, Pixotope XR enables the overlay of the digital twin virtual actor onto the real world using AR to check alignment. 

This means that you can achieve a seamless blend color-wise between the LED wall and the AR extension in a matter of minutes, and you can see how it can be done in our video case study where we brought AR extension to the famous esports tournament Dota 2 International. 


Pixotope XR Edition: Your One-Stop Solution for XR Productions

With seamless XR-AR workflows using Pixotope, content creators can save valuable time and resources while always ensuring a high-quality XR production.  

So, if you want to take your XR production to the next level and learn more about the exciting features of Pixotope, get in touch with our team.