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Dot 11 July 2023 1 min read

New Release 23.2.0

We're excited to announce the latest version of our virtual production software, which includes several improvements that will make your workflow more efficient and leave you more time to be creative.



The Pixotope Engine/Editor now runs on the latest Unreal Engine version 5.2.0 giving you access to epic new features such as; Procedural Content Generation Framework (PCG), Substrate, Nanite, Lumen, Enhanced Shadow Rendering, Shader compilation, and much, much more.

Aligning your virtual world with your LED volumes can be quite hard. Especially when using more complex setups. Getting it right is essential, especially when using virtual set extensions.
Together with Pixotope Tracking, aligning the real with the virtual world and creating a digital twin becomes a breeze.


Improved Editor Interface

Keeping an overview over all your world settings can be a juggling act. To get a better overview, we have introduced Pixotope World Settings. Easily focus on your production type, be it AR, VS or XR and get a clean overview of all available settings.


XR Setup Simplified

We have simplified the way the outside camera view (outer frustum) can be set up, by adding Outside camera view modes, which are available both in Editor as well as in Director.

Learn more about the simplified Outside Camera View options in the Help Center


Store and Recall Keyer settings

We’ve added two ways to save presets for the video keyer.

  • Quick presets offer 9 slots to quickly save and toggle between them

  • Named presets allow you to label them for better recognition when used later

You can find them in the preset drawer on the right side of the Video Keyer panel. A preset stores all values of the panel including the initialisation.


And more...

Pixotope Graphics 23.2 also includes a whole host of other enhancements. Including

- Enhanced Diagnostics

- New Asset Hub functionality

- More Control Panel features

- Simplified Digital Twin for XR setup

If you're an existing user, check your inbox and the Pixotope help center for how to upgrade.

If you want to try Pixotope, get in touch.