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Dot 17 August 2023 2 min read

Streamline your Multi-Machine Workflows with Pixotope Asset Hub

In the ever-evolving world of multimedia productions, the need for efficient multi-machine workflows has become paramount. Collaborative projects often involve multiple machines working together, requiring seamless synchronization of assets across all connected devices. Now we are changing the game with our latest innovation: Pixotope Asset Hub. 

In this article, we will shine light on benefits that our Asset Hub brings to creators who until now struggled with errors and delays in their creative process.

The Challenge of Multi-Machine Workflows

In multi-machine workflows, when changes are made to a project on one machine, these modifications must be swiftly synchronized across all other machines within the network. Traditionally, this process involved tedious manual file transfers or utilizing external applications, causing potential delays, errors, and disruptions to the creative process. Luckily we have a solution for you: Pixotope Asset Hub! 


What is Pixotope Asset Hub? 

Pixotope Asset Hub is a system that automatically synchronizes files between connected machines in a multi-machine workflow. With seamless integration into Pixotope robust Multi-Machine Workflow, Pixotope Asset Hub simplifies the entire process, enabling creators to collaborate effortlessly. 

The new component brings a game-changing solution to this synchronization challenge. It provides a centralized hub for all assets used in the project, ensuring that changes made on one machine are promptly and automatically propagated to all other connected machines.

Pixotope Asset Hub is fully integrated into Pixotope Multi-Machine Workflow, providing a smooth and streamlined experience for users. From creating new projects to migrating existing ones, Pixotope Asset Hub simplifies asset management, saving time and effort for creators. Users can now initiate new projects directly within the hub, allowing for an efficient and organized project setup. Additionally, Pixotope Asset Hub enables the easy migration of existing projects into the synchronized environment, ensuring a smooth transition without any data loss or complications.


Boost your Productivity and Efficiency with Pixotope Asset Hub 

Pixotope Asset Hub follows a simple and effective process to synchronize changes across connected machines:

  • Pushing Changes to the Network: When changes are made to the project on one machine, users can initiate the synchronization process by pushing the changes to the network via Pixotope Asset Hub.
  • Client Machines Syncing: After pushing the changes, a notification confirms that the new changes have been successfully pushed. Client machines within the network then automatically sync with Pixotope Asset Hub to receive these updates.
  • Pulling Changes: Upon completion of the synchronization process, the client machines receive a message confirming the successful "New Changes Pulled" operation.
  • Editing and Syncing Back: Now that all machines are synchronized, creators can jump into the Pixotope Editor to make their desired changes. Once editing is complete, the changes are easily synced back to Pixotope Asset Hub.
  • Automatic or Manual Pulling: Client machines, with "Auto-pull" enabled, will automatically receive the changes. Alternatively, machines can be manually notified of available changes to be pulled.
  • Pulling Changes on Server Machine: On the server machine, users can pull the changes made on the client machines, ensuring that all modifications are now fully synchronized across the entire network.



Embrace the Power of Pixotope Asset Hub

Pixotope Asset Hub sets a new standard for multi-machine workflows. Say goodbye to manual file copying and third-party tools, and embrace the power of automated asset synchronization with Pixotope Asset Hub. Whether you're working on a large-scale production or a smaller collaborative project, Pixotope Asset Hub will revolutionize the way you manage assets and collaborate with ease.

Welcome to the future of virtual production and collaborative creativity with Pixotope Asset Hub!