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Pixotope and Unilumin showcase joint solution for Extended Reality (XR) production
Pixotope29 November 20235 min read

Partner Spotlight: The Future of Virtual Production is Bright with Unilumin

You’ve probably seen Unilumin’s products - even if you didn’t necessarily realize it. As the world's largest LED display manufacturer their LED displays have graced prestigious events such as the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, and the Eurovision Song Contest, adding an extra sparkle and turning these occasions into captivating visual spectacles. 
However, Unilumin's influence extends far beyond creating spectacular LED walls: they're also trailblazers in sustainable LED display solutions. In early 2023, Unilumin became the first brand to gain TÜV SÜD LED display carbon label certification in the industry and internationally, devoted to transparency in product carbon emission.
With its unmatched reputation and prestige, it’s not surprising that Unilumin has become a trusted name in the world of virtual production. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has remained dedicated to its mission of "Together, for a Brighter Future," seamlessly integrating other workflow technology with a keen eye for aesthetics. 



Unilumin LED Displays: Cornerstone of Virtual Production


These attributes make Unilumin's LED displays highly prized in virtual production in addition to their capabilities that support high brightness, superior resolution, and expansive viewing angles. Their displays are extensively used across various applications in virtual production, particularly in extended reality (XR), a technique that employs LED displays to create immersive backgrounds for film and television.
It’s an area we know well. After we released Pixotope XR Edition, it felt like a natural next step to join forces with Unilumin to create an even better XR workflow experience for our customers. Unilumin's exceptional LED displays complement XR Edition perfectly, assuring an exciting future for media creators.


Unilumin and Pixotope demonstrating a joint solution for Extended Reality production by using three LED display screens (double-sided screen+ floor screen) and Pixotope Graphics XR Edition. Photo credit: Unilumin 


Unilumin's Recipe for Success

You might be wondering, what's the secret recipe for Unilumin's success? Well, it's like baking the perfect cake – it's all about getting the right mix of ingredients.

  • Diverse and skilled team: Unilumin has a team of experts with a wide range of skills and experience. This allows the company to take a holistic approach to projects and deliver innovative solutions that fit the needs of their customers perfectly. 
  • Cost efficiency: With the world's largest smart manufacturing facility for LEDs covering an impressive 400,000 square meters (4,305,564 square feet) and efficient production processes, Unilumin boasts a significant cost advantage over competitors. 
  • Engineering excellence: Imagine a massive sphere measuring 35 meters (115 feet) in diameter and an astonishing 3,000 square meters (32,291 square feet) of LED surface.
  • One outstanding example of Unilumin’s projects is the LED Sphere of Boulevard World in the Middle East, a project that clinched a Guinness World Record for being the world's largest LED sphere in a mere 82 days. This achievement vividly showcases Unilumin's exceptional engineering capabilities.
  • Global reach: Their service network covers more than 160 countries, showing how much they care about making things hassle-free for their customers. This is especially important for customers who need to deploy complex live virtual production solutions.
  • Diverse portfolio: Unilumin boasts an impressive repertoire of projects that their products have been used on, including the renowned Microsoft Surface TV Commercial in the USA and the state-of-the-art Alvernia XR Studio in Poland. These accomplishments serve as a testament to Unilumin's unwavering strength and unparalleled innovation across diverse domains.



Unilumin LED sphere

LED Sphere of Boulevard World in the Middle East is the world's largest LED sphere (credit to Unilumin)


Unilumin and Pixotope Join Forces to Create a Seamless XR Workflow for Virtual Production


Choosing Pixotope as a partner was a no-brainer for Unilumin. Our industry-leading expertise in creating purpose-built tools that address the rigorous demands of live virtual production unique capabilities, made us uniquely well-positioned to work with them on creating enhanced customer experiences. 
For Unilumin, Pixotope has been more than just a partner – it's been a game-changer in bringing multiple projects to life thanks to the seamless integration of our software with their hardware. 
You may have seen this magic in action, especially at the Pro Light & Sound trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, and the ISE show in Barcelona. 

Lillian Guo, Unilumin Regional Director for Europe Rental, sums it up perfectly.

“Pixotope is an ideal complementary partner for Unilumin. Their XR Edition removes much of the complexity and guesswork around XR, which allows users to tap into the creative potential of XR stages without needing engineering expertise or bespoke solutions. An additional benefit of which is a significant reduction in operating costs." 

Lillian Guo, Unilumin Regional Director for Europe Rental


The combination of Pixotope XR Edition's software and Unilumin’s LED volumes doesn't just promise ease of use and cost savings; it's a catalyst for on-set efficiency and creativity. By removing the burden of technical complexity, production teams can focus on the best way to immerse the audience and tell the story instead of troubleshooting. Together, this dynamic duo revolutionizes the visual storytelling experience, offering an unparalleled toolkit for media creators to realize their wildest imaginations.


“We have had many collaborations and technology demonstrations with Pixotope, all of which have left a deep impression on the audience, thanks to their creative platform that enables on-site Virtual Production. The simplified, smooth workflows and easy-to-use technology provided by Pixotope are well-recognized in the industry, which makes it an ideal partner for Unilumin.”

Lillian Guo, Unilumin Regional Director for Europe Rental



Unilumin and Pixotope at the Prolight + Sound show in Germany

Exciting Future Ahead 

Virtual Production is growing rapidly, driving innovation in the industry and constantly introducing new technologies and methods to create immersive and engaging experiences for viewers. With it, the possibilities are endless; it enables creators to achieve Hollywood-level visual effects without the Hollywood budget. As a world-class supplier in the LED industry, Unilumin has been focusing on research and development of LED volumes for virtual production, leveraging their network of industry partners for critical insights, and paying close attention to changes in market application requirements. Their goal (and ours) is to make Virtual Production more widely available and more effectively utilized.
If you're eager to explore Unilumin's LED displays for virtual production, dive into their website for a glimpse into the future of media creation at