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Dot 19 April 2023 1 min read

XR Files: Why Automatic Color Matching is Big Deal for XR Productions 

Extended reality (XR) relies on the same core tenant that all creative content does: successfully suspending audience disbelief. To do this, a realistic and immersive experience for the audience is crucial. For extended reality solutions specifically, a huge (and historically difficult) piece of the puzzle is achieving seamless and uniform colors. 

Unfortunately, matching the colors of the environment projected by the LED wall with the set extensions and augmented reality (AR) objects can be a daunting task. Even small variations in color can create a jarring and unrealistic effect, which detracts from the overall experience for the audience. 

That was before. Now, color matching in XR productions is seamless and easy with our automatic color matching feature.  


LED Wall Color Matching Made Easy

With Pixotope, you no longer have to manually match the colors of the LED wall to the AR graphics. The automatic color-matching feature does the entire calibration for you, simplifying a tedious and time-consuming process. 

In addition, the calibration process can be repeated as many times as necessary, allowing you to store multiple color profiles for different shooting conditions and environments. This means you can easily toggle between productions with different color profiles (think news broadcast vs a game show) and apply them immediately without going through the color-matching process again. 


Accurate and Seamless Color Consistency with Pixotope

The Pixotope automatic color matching feature provides a powerful solution to the challenges of LED wall color matching, enabling you to achieve consistent and accurate colors in your XR productions. The result is less resource time spent on set up and more time spent on the creative execution, creating an immersive and captivating experience for your audience. 

See yourself in this video below.


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