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06 June 2023 4 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Lisa Müller

Meet Lisa, our Channel Marketing Manager, organizing trade fairs & events. Discover ...
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16 April 2023 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: David Gross

Discover the background of Pixotope software engineer David Gross, his experience in ...
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08 March 2023 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Sinfaii Metanee Chaiyasith

Meet Sinfaii, our Applications Specialist from the APAC team who acts as a bridge between ...
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17 November 2022 9 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Rasmus Huxmann

Meet Rasmus Huxmann, one of our talented technicians. Specializing in camera tracking and ...
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17 October 2022 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Helen Owe

Meet Helen, our Head of People and Culture who implements a culture that promotes ...
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01 September 2022 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Carina Schoo

We're introducing Carina Schoo, manager of the newly launched Pixotope Education Program ...
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08 August 2022 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Patrick Ford

Meet Patrick, our Creative Engineer who specializes in perfecting users' overall ...
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05 July 2022 4 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Marouan Skhiri

Introducing Marouan Skhiri: QA engineer who has been making sure that Pixotope runs as ...
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07 June 2022 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Xiang Gao

This time we sat down with our colleague Xiang Gao, Regional Sales & Marketing ...
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28 April 2022 6 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Espen Ervik

In this edition of Pixotope Snapshot, we're introducing Espen Ervik, Pixotope Product ...
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