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03 May 2022 4 min read

What Is the Difference Between Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Studios, and Extended Reality?

They are all considered immersive technologies, but they aren't the same. Learn about the ...
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28 April 2022 6 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Espen Ervik

In this edition of Pixotope Snapshot, we're introducing Espen Ervik, Pixotope Product ...
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26 April 2022 4 min read

The Making of Dot

Our Pixotope mascot Dot has turned 3 years old: but how much do you really know about ...
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22 April 2022 5 min read

4 Virtual Production Trends to Keep an Eye On

Discover 4 Virtual Production Trends that you should keep an eye on. Learn about the ...
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12 April 2022 6 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Juan Rubio

Meet Juan Rubio, a Product Specialist & Evangelist at Pixotope whose specialist ...
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31 March 2022 4 min read

Without further ado, here’s version 2.2!

We are delighted to present to you Pixotope 2.2 using Unreal Engine 4.27.2. Learn about ...
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28 March 2022 6 min read

How AR is driving Innovation in Broadcasting

AR is revitalizing the broadcasting industry, increasing audience engagement. Find out ...
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17 March 2022 5 min read

Pixotope Snapshot: Farah Abdelwahab

Meet Farah, our UI/UX Designer who develops and implements strategies that will attract, ...
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15 March 2022 5 min read

Partner Spotlight: Creating “Wow” Moments with The Famous Group

The Famous Group has been using Pixotope software for complex live AR experiences since ...
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28 February 2022 5 min read

Artist Spotlight: Fernando Trueba Llano

In our blog series, we will put a spotlight on 3D artist, Fernando Trueba Llano, one of ...
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